Why you should choose OFO?

It contains every thing - all in one place

Our application suit contains all most all the required management application a typical hotel/resturant requires to run the business smoothly.

Its all web based. Access it everywhere.

Basic setup services are included in all the plans. For any customized training or setup requirements, additional charges will apply on a case-to-case basis.

Its in the cloud. Need not worry about scalling

We accept payment by all popular cards like Visa, MasterCard, American Express and more.

With the best competitive price, that you can not get anywhere

We provide be best value to cost so that it helps in saving your margin. Its not the cheapest, but relatively cheaper than most other softwares in the market.

See our pricing plans.

On-demand physical support

We provide on-demand physical support for trouble shooting, training, migration at an additional cost. Learn more about our support system.

GST Ready

OFO takes care of GST calculations that are meant for Indian Customers. It generates all the reports keeping GST compliance.

Learn more about how OFO helps in GST caculations

Integrates with different channel managers

It can integrate with different prevailing channel managers easily

Its easy to use.

We are using a simplified interface, which hardly require any learning.

We provide additional services

Along with the hotel management software, we also provide other digital transformation services such as building websites, advertizing in wishlays site, hotel amenity photography services. These are all at additional charges based on requirement.

24/7 Support team so that you never loose control

We have created our application to provide best usability and easy to use. Even if you struggle to find anything, our team is there to help you at any moment you need.